Completed Projects with Satisfied Customers

Gary gave me a call, and was interested in getting a quote for a new roof and gutter guards.  We were able to respond quickly and we agreed on the estimate and scope of work.  We scheduled the project and were able to complete the roof in one day.  We came back the next day to finish gutter guards, and do a final clean-up.  We all loved the way the new color worked with the homes color pattern.  We also came back to provide Gary with matching roof materials for him to roof a dog house he was building.

Gary, Mukwonago, WI

Initially Mike contacted me during the remodeling phase for his garage.  I provided an estimate based off some general information, and we scheduled the work to be completed soon after construction was complete.  While we were there, he also contracted us to install “snow slide guards” on his standing seam metal roof.  Both projects went quite smoothly.

Mike, Mukwonago, WI

Daniel contacted me to provide him with an estimate for his roof replacement.  He was also looking for advice if his roof could make it through the winter.  After our discussion, he decided to wait until spring to do the project.  I was able to provide Daniel with an estimate the same day, which also included cedar siding work, and some minor construction to add new life to his shed building.  The project went excellent.  We were able to complete the entire scope of work in one day.  All of us were quite pleased with the results of the project.

Daniel, Mukwonago, WI

We completed this roof this year.  Our crew had a late start, and we were still able to complete this project in one day.  This project included a full roof tear off, installation of a new lifetime warranty shingle roof, flat roof, flashings, and minor woodwork.  We ended up coming back to do some additional skylight work, and overall the project went quite well.

William, Eagle, WI

This project went very smooth from start to finish.  Steve and his family were very kind to me and my crew.  Through the estimation process, we took our time to communicate all of the items that were important to the project.  From the roof to the flashing work, we exceeded the expectations.  And we can all look back at this project as being a success.

Steve, East Troy, WI

Stan called me earlier this year.  He explained that his low slope roof was leaking.  I could sense that this issue was quite bothersome to him and wife.  I was able to schedule our initial estimate and inspection the same day.  We went over in specific detail, our expected scope of work.  We changed the low sloped roof from shingles, to an EPDM rubber roof.  We also completed multiple roof maintenance repairs.  We were able to complete the job in a timely manner, and they were able to move on with their daily schedule.

Stan, Mukwonago, WI

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